Board Minutes: June 28, 2018

Board meeting minutes 6/28/18


·         Alden Community Service Award: The Nation’s Capital Chapter won the Alden Community Service Award at the Alumni Leadership Conference this year! (attach picture of Lauren and John) web page update

·         General update

·         Next payment is due in September

·         New Secretary will coordinate with Amanda on how to access this and other accounts.


Transfer of Funds from Operating Account to Scholarship Fund ?

  • Transfer funds to scholarship fund
  • Rob: in past only kept a couple thousand in the account for down payments
  • Move to transfer $8,000k to scholarship fund and keep remainder in operating
  • Why not $10k? Balance with potential budget impact of other events like the bus trip
  • Cushion for new events/something we haven't tried before


Recent events

·         DC Area Reception for Admitted Students

·         6 or 7 students came and met with folks from OU- finance, housing

·         Lauren, John, Olivia are the alumni who attended.

·         Thoughts about moving it to MD or metro accessible? Know that it is planned by Admissions

·         Earth Day “Bobcats Go Green ‘18”

·         Fun event for cleaning up your local neighborhood

·         5 or 6 signed up

·         Two Trains Running at Arena Stage

·         12 alumni attended

·         Bobcats go to the theatre was super fun

·         Great play, easy to coordinate with Arena Stage and great to support OU alumnus.

·         Golf Scramble

·         13th year hosting

·         Had 28 players

·         Raised $1,250 to transfer to scholarship fund

·         Haven't seen the invoice yet, Tyler will keep an eye out for it

·         Lost the Acura sponsorship, thinking about bringing it back next year

o    May help bump up the numbers to previous years (40 players or so)

·         1804 Party

·         In Crystal City (Highline RxR)

o    Picked it to make it easy for interns, but they did not attend

·         10 alumni attended


·         Softball update

·         Team is 7-3

·         Have 4 games left in the season before the tournament

·         Have had trouble getting folks out because of location, but numbers are about the same (weekends have about 20 people attending)

·         2nd in division so in it for the tournament

·         Won the Ohio Cup!


Upcoming events/calendar planning

·         Brews for Bobcats (July 28)

·         Rocket Frog brewery in Sterling

·         Brand new, opened about a month ago

·         Will be opening for us at 11AM

·         Between 11AM-12PM will have a tasting and will be able to select a brew for a full glass (to keep!) and do tour of brewery.

·         $20 for this event

·         At some point, we will get the Burrito Buggy out here but didn't pan out for this event

·         Will be a food truck so bring additional funds

·         Will have 50/50 raffle (which will include an Athens brick)

·         Bring cash!

·         Sexual harassment speaker (Jenny Hall-Jones, Dean of Students; to be rescheduled)

·         Possibly rename--call it a #MeToo discussion

·         Group on campus that started a task force to combat sexual harassment in internships

·         Dr. Bob Stewart started it (he sent folks to Matt Lauer for an internship)

·         Jenny Hall Jones is still interested in participating

·         Fall Crawl on The Mall (September-October)

·         Planning for late Sept/early Oct

·         Can't use the word shuffle on marketing

·         Need to call it a "Pub Tour"

·         Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

·         Plan to hit up 6-ish bars

·         Travis can help figure out where to get the best deals

·         Baltimore Aquarium

·         Been hanging for a while

·         #WhereIsJustin?

·         Want to get a package together, group rate

·         Family friendly and can subsidize (tier or operational funds)

·         Should we plan it for when it is cold? February/March

·         Nationals vs. Reds (August 5, 60 tickets reserved; pre-game meet @ Bardo)

·         Sunday afternoon game, 1:35

·         Reserved 60 seats, will share on July 1st

·         Tickets paid through Tier funds and available for purchase for $10

·         If we sell out, we can get more

o    Have sold as many as 75 in the past

·         Ohio football game/Bobcat Bash at Virginia (September 15)

·         3:00PM game

·         Planning to have a Bobcat bash at 12:30 at stadium

·         Considering reserving a bus for 50 people

·         Either Franconia/Vienna metro or Mall as the pick up point

·         Will need to leave at around 9:30am

o    Do a Survey Monkey to gauge interest in the bus--will adjust the size of the bus

·         National Cathedral “Gargoyle Tour” (August 25, 2:00, $22; one-hour tour) Saturday

·         20 tickets for the Gargoyle Tour at the National Cathedral

·         Lots of folks were interested

·         $22 for adult

·         Have a small café, with lots of restaurants around

·         Can do a post-tour food for those who want to join

·         Tier funds can pay for it


·         One of alums works in DC United

·         New stadium in SW DC near the Wharf

·         Would we be interested in doing a DC United Game? YES!

·         Will look into it!



·         Nominees

·         Vice President

o    2 year commitment, but then will assume role of President at the end of the 2 year term

o    Tyler will work with new board to best fill this role

o    John will serve as the interim VP

o    If you know anyone who are interested in filling this role, please let us know!

·         Secretary

o    Morgan Stanley, grad 2015, masters in Polic sci in 2017

o    Axios media, HR

o    Started Biotech start up with other OU alum

o    Excited to get more involved in the group

o    John moves, Shara, second, elected!

·         Treasurer

o    Travis Wolf, grad in 2015, Chief of Staff and Producer in DC

o    Did Masters at AU

o    Runs events at university

o    John moves, Heidi second, elected!


Schedule next meeting (end of September?)

Wednesday, September 26th at 6:30PM

Will pick a place in Chinatown